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Best Odds Guaranteed

Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers:

Below is a list highlighting those bookies that offer BOG

Bet Bright
Bet Fred
Bet Victor
Paddy Power
Sky Bet
Stan James
Tote Sport
William Hill

What is  Best Odds Guaranteed?

In recent years, in order to make themselves more competitive many bookmakers have started to implement the idea of a Best Odds Guarantee.

Put simply, bookmakers offer the customer a little more value, and therefore more of an incentive, to bet with them.

Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) ensures that get the best possible price the bets that you place. Place a bet in a Best Odds Guaranteed race, which will be clearly identified by each bookmaker, and take the price currently available at the time. Here’s the best part, at the end of the race, assuming your best wins of course, if the SP (Starting Price) is a better price, then the bookie will settle your bet at that better price!

Show me an example.

OK, let’s say you place a bet early in the morning, when the morning odds are released, on a horse racing later that afternoon. In this example we’ll assume you have a placed a £10 WIN bet on Horse X at odds of 4.00. If ,at the end of the race, the SP has shortened to 3.5, you will still be paid out at 4.00 (in this instance netting you an extra £5 IN YOUR back pocket).

If however, the odds have drifted out to 4.5, although you placed your bet at 4.0, with a best odds guaranteed bookie you will now be paid out at the better SP price, again netting you an extra £5 in this instance. Either way, if your bet wins, you will be paid out at the best price.

When to avoid Best Odds

In theory you should always bet with a bookie offering best odds guaranteed and take the price available, but there a few occasions when this might not be the case. Always seek to claim the best price available across the hundreds of bookies out there. It may be the case that the best price available is not at a bookmaker offering best odds guaranteed. If at the time of placing your bet, the race is due to start very soon, and very little chance in a dramatic change in price, it might be best to avoid the best odds guaranteed and stick with the bookie offering the best price.

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