Sign Up Bonuses offers its players as much cashback as possible whilst still retaining a percentage of revenue to run the site.

There are three types of cashback:

  1. Commission Earned Cashback (CECB)
  2. CPA Cashback (Cost Per Acquisition)
  3. Deposit Percentage  Cashback (usually through referring a friend)

Commission Earned Cashback

As an affiliate of our partners sites including sportsbooks, bingo sites, poker rooms and casinos, Sign Up Bonuses earns commission based upon net revenue generated through our referred players. It is our aim to pay that commission back to active players, as much as we can.

As soon as you sign up to any of the sites categorised as CECB, through one of our affiliate links, you will become eligible for cashback payments of for that particular month. However, in order to remain eligible for these payments you will need to remain an active player (see terms and conditions regarding active players)

Sign Up Bonuses only earns commission on a monthly basis, assuming our players activity results in revenue for our partners, in other words player activity results in a net loss.

Below is an example:

  1. 20 of our referred players are active in one month at Ladbrokes. The sum of of all these players activity results in a net revenue for Ladbrokes – after winnings have been paid out – of £1,200
  2. Sign Up Bonuses earns 25% commission of that revenue, equating to £300
  3. Sign Up Bonuses will retain 1/3 of that commission to finance the running of the site (in this example £100)
  4. The remaining 2/3 of commission will be paid back to active players for that month (in this example £200)
  5. The commission is split equally across active players and as result, in this example, each active player would earn 1/20 of £200, equating to £10 cashback for that month

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Cashback

On occassions Sign Up Bonuses will receive a one-off payment for referring a player to a site. Sign Up Bonuses will retain a portion of this payment (for site running costs) and will pay the indicated amount back to the referred player.

Deposit Percentage

Many sites will pay Sign Up Bonuses a percentage of your first deposit as a commission. We aim to pay back as much of this commission back to the referred players.

When a cashback figure is a percentage, this will indicate the amount we will pay back to you.

Below is an example:

  1. If you sign up to Caribsports through Sign Up Bonuses, you will be eligible for 40% cashback on your first deposit to a $50 maximum.
  2. Please ensure that you complete a referral request and await Sign Up Bonuses contact before making your first deposit.


All cashback generated will be paid as promptly as possible, using Moneybookers, Paypal, Neteller. The cost for making payments to players may be passed onto the player and will be deducted from the final payment. Sign Up Bonuses, where possible, will absorb all costs associated with these payment methods. Signing up to one of these e-wallets using our referral links will keep our costs to a minimum and earn you some extra cashback.


In order to receive the correct cashback due to you, we advise the following:

  1. Read through the terms and conditions regarding cashback payments
  2. Understand the different cashback variations
  3. Ensure you have followed the cashback requirements for a particular site
  4. Ensure that you sign up to a partner site using one of a referral links
  5. Complete a cashback request form upon depositing or complete a referral request form prior to making your first deposit


If you feel you should be due a cashback payment that has not been paid, please contact us with as much detail as possible.

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Cashback Request

PLEASE NOTE: ALL CASHBACK IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (16th December 2014) In order for Sign Up Bonuses to process your cashback request you will need to complete the form below. It is important to note the following: Only players referred through use of our links will be eligible for cashback You must complete …